Monday, February 6, 2012

Josh Powell : a narcissist would rather kill their children than face prosecution

 Once again, the Pierce County Washington courts allowed a violent psychopath to go free just to murder again.  One infamous previous time, Maurice Clemmons was released on bail for child rape only to murder four Lakewood police officers a week later before being executed by a Seattle police officer two days later.

This time Josh Powell was ordered to undergo a psycho sexual mental evaluation while out of custody and the imbecile judge continued to allow him supervised visits.  During the "supervised" visit, Josh Powell locked out the DSHS worker and ignited the gasoline causing an explosion that killed himself and his two young sons.  Anyone who knows how a narcissist operates is not surprised at these events.  I saw it coming just like I see Kaine Horman doing something bad to Kiara (and Kyron if he hasn't killed him yet)

It has come out Josh Powell's oldest son had told attorneys that the night his mom disappeared, and his dad had taken them camping,  his mother was in the trunk of the car, they stopped, his mom and dad got out and he never saw his mother again.  What was the court thinking in allowing ANY visit by these children with their father after this boy had given this damning statement against his dad?

Josh Powell was obviously a narcissist and it was evident whenever he gave statements in the media.  It was also obvious he was guilty of vanishing his wife.  Yet the Pierce County sheriff department (incompetent as Multnomah County sheriff department) never arrested him or charged him even after knowing his son had information about Susan's (Josh's wife and the boys' mother) disappearance.  Why were these children not in protective custody or kept from having to face their father who had murdered their mother?  What was the judge thinking in allowing the children to have ANY contact with their dad especially before his mental evaluation?

Once again the court system was manipulated by a malignant narcissist who obviously would do anything to keep his children away from anyone else and would do anything to protect himself from prosecution.  Those of us who know how narcissists operate are not at all surprised this happened.

One only has to wonder what became of Kyron Horman at the hands of his narcissistic father and how safe Kiara is when she is with her dad.  Narcissists kill and they think nothing of it.  Kaine Horman is not beyond killing his children to either cover up sexual abuse or just to keep them away from their mothers.  Litigation abuse by Kaine Horman and his manipulation of the media SHOULD be a wake up call to anyone who cares about Kyron and Kiara.  Both of Kaine's children are in as much danger as Josh Powell's children were in - yet it will take a murder or "accident" or another "disappearance" for anyone to wake up to the facts about Kaine Horman being a malignant narcissist who will do ANYTHING to get his own way - while ripping off people by soliciting donations to "search" for Kyron when no searches ever take place.

It is time for Kaine Horman to be investigated for Kyron's disappearance and for Terri Horman to be given full custody of Kiara instead of just visitation.  Kiara is in danger as long as she is near her dad.  If something happens to Kiara or Kyron at the hands of Kaine, his media sock puppet Oregonlive should be held just as responsible.  It is because of them focus was taken off Kaine (and fingers pointed at Terri)  Narcissists manipulate and they kill - but that is no excuse for tabloid journalism Oregonlive has printed regarding Kyron Horman.

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  1. Your concerns about Kiara Horman are very well stated. It is unfathomable that Kaine has not been investigated in this case and this has put another child in danger. Do you have any more information yet to share about the book about Kaine to be published on June 4?


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