Friday, February 3, 2012

komen, planned parenthood, the government, and baby murder

The United States has not been right for a long time.  A nation that forces an organization to continue funding another organization is no longer free.  Whether or not you agree with murdering babies or not, when senators band together to coerce a non profit organization to do something is scary and everyone should be concerned because of it.  Anyone who thinks it is acceptable for a government to meddle into what an organization does and pressures an organization to do something deserves to live under a dictatorial socialist state this nation is rapidly becoming.

If Komen for the cure wants to discontinue funding baby murders, that is their right - just as it is your right to no longer contribute funds to find a cure for breast cancer.  I never supported komen because of their involvement with planned parenthood - which is my right.  I would have reconsidered in supporting them if they had not capitulated and said they would resume funding planned murders.

As for killing unborn babies.  It is NOT a woman's body.  The baby is a unique individual with unique DNA.  The baby grows inside of a woman but it in no way is her body - the DNA proves it is a unique individual.  The murder of the baby is a murder of a human being by another human being.  In most cases (exception being rape) the baby was conceived by the "mother's" willful actions.  A "mother's" murder of her baby because of it is "inconvenient" is nothing short of barbaric and narcissistic.  Anyone who supports the murder of babies is untrustworthy.  Any organization that exists to kill babies should not exist.  It is blood money and this nation will be judged because of the murder of the innocent babies.  People blame God for judgments on this once great nation but this nation brings it on itself. 

If you support baby murder that is your choice (and you will be judged because of it) but if an organization chooses to not fund baby murders - that is THEIR choice.  Those who are so narcissistic they demand others to do what they want shows how low this nation has become.  If komen chooses to no longer fund baby murders that is THEIR choice and you need to respect their CHOICE --- and if you disagree, just stop funding them and give your money directly to the baby murderers which will make you happier anyway.

Komen for the cure will be judged for their willingness to continue to donate money to kill babies.  WOE on them.  They were making a decision they thought best for their organization and they caved in because they baby murderers demanded they continue to fund baby murders.  Strange thing is that baby murder is linked directly to a higher incident of breast cancer.  You would think if komen really wanted to reduce breast cancer they never would have started giving money to baby murderers in the first place.

Unrepentant baby murderers will be judged and judgment is coming VERY soon.  The upcoming war with Iran is making mainstream media news so it won't be much longer now.  Either get right with God and repent of your wicked ways and accept His Messiah Yeshua to atone for your sins (IE: accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior) or you are about to face the worst seven years in human history.

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