Monday, September 26, 2011

Will Asteroid 2011 SE58 hit the earth in the next 24-48 hours and is that why obama is hiding in an underground bunker in Colorado?

Asteroid 2011 SE58 (2011 means it was found in 2011 - this year) is very close to the earth and on a collision course with the earth.  If it impacts, it will be within the next 24-48 hours.  It also has many smaller asteroids - would be meteorites - traveling with it.

Curently president obama is in an underground bunker in Colorado and many world leaders are in "recess" from the UN from the next few days.  (earth and asteroid are in the same location)

Even if the asteroid does not hit the earth directly, there have been many fireballs that have hit the earth in the last 48 hours and one person has been killed in Argentina from an explosion witnesses claim was caused by a fireball:

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    This photo is new. I have not seen it before. Look at Kyron's teeth. In the science fair project, taken minutes before he vanished, his teeth didn't look like they'd grown in this far... Does anyone know who took this shot? It was on the Roseburg page... They are posting a slew of unreleased shots that I haven't seen before. That tells me that someone on that page is CLOSELY related to the family or had access to one of the main parents photos... This pic tho, bugs me that he looks 'older' than his last known photo... probably just me, but it's hinky...


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