Monday, September 19, 2011

Talks with Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman-Young and visit to Portland

Over the past couple of weeks I was in Oregon twice.  I attended a fund raiser for the Kaine Horman Foundation where Dr. Pickle, his wife, and I were able to speak with Kaine Horman briefly.  He clearly knows more about Kyron Horman's disappearance than he has said publicly  (and, no, it has nothing to do with Terri)  He did not answer direct questions about whether he was involved or if he thought Desiree may be be involved in Kyron's vanishing.  The question he was asked about Desiree being involved was answered 'I cannot comment on that'.

We also spoke with Desiree Horman-Young.  She is definitely angry and bitter at Kaine and none of us sensed it had to do with Kyron.  She's at the tipping point of a breakdown and needs mental help desperately.  Speaking with Desiree in person,  all three of us believe she is perfectly capable of kidnapping Kyron although I personally do not believe she is intelligent or stable enough to have planned to have kidnapped Kyron on her own.  If she planned it by herself, the only way she could have gotten away with it so far is because she had her law enforcement husband point his finger and sent his brothers in blue down the Terri Horman rabbit trail.

Kaine definitely is hiding something (more than his boyfriend(s) ) and I still believe - even more so than before - that he orchestrated the kidnapping of Kyron.  Whether or not he intends to reappear him after his divorce from Terri Horman is final or not is to be seen.  Whether he is visiting Kyron or not, not sure on. If he has Kyron stashed at home hidden out of the way or in Shoreline with his parents, he is likely visiting him.  If Kyron was sent to his friends in Germany, he likely is not seeing him very often.

Hiking around Skyline was interesting.  The Pickles and I met up with a few others including a SAR team training their new SAR dogs.  90 minutes would not be enough time in a wet june to go very far off the road without picking up mud in that type of soil.  For law enforcement to be searching deep in the woods and rappelling off of cliffs (could anyone honestly see Terri rappelling off of a cliff carrying both Kiara and Kyron and be done within an hour - accounting for travel time ?)  was for show.  If Multnomah County law enforcement is that incompetent, then the entire sheriff's department needs to be replaced- from the top on down.

Driving between Skyline and Sauvie Island proved to me that Terri was not on Sauvie Island that day with the timeline we have of her.  She drove to two Fred Meyers and drove around for 90 minutes.  That did not give her enough time to drive to and from Sauvie Island let alone do anything when she was there.

First we were told that Terri "did unimaginable harm" to Kyron yet when showed the timeline did not fit, the truth haters came up with a new fairy tale:  "Terri must have had help"  even though there is no evidence Terri or anyone she knows was involved with vanishing Kyron.

Why do the truth haters ignore the fact Terri  fully cooperated up until the fraudulent murder for hire scam law enforcement tried to try and force her to confess to something she did not do (after allegedly telling her she failed the polygraph failed to try and get her to confess to something) ?  This was just another trick to try and get Terri to confess because they were "certain she was guilty" (thanks to the finger pointing by Kaine Horman and Desiree Horman-Young) and it failed just as miserably as telling her she failed the polygraph failed.

Why do the truth haters ignore the fact that Skyline school - including Ms. Kristina Porter - lawyered up three days after Kyron vanished and did not ever cooperate with law enforcement (and "coincidentally" all of the phone and computer records were not subpoenaed and disappeared - the school was not even proactive in keeping them thinking they may be important)

Why did Ms. Kristina Porter tell Tanner (Kyron's friend) that Kyron was either in the restroom or getting a drink of water then thought nothing of marking him absent without telling anyone he was gone all day?

Is Kristina Porter related to Kaine?  (with his family naming all the children with a 'K' first name) or is she associated with him in his BDSM group?

Why did Kaine know the sunday after Kyron vanished (two days later when law enforcement still thought he wandered off) that Kyron vanished before 9:30 AM when roll was not taken until 10:00 AM ? and why did Kaine alert Intel's attorneys (Intel is Kaine's employer) that Kyron was gone ?  To me, the memo Kaine sent to his coworkers is very suspicious - especially since he seems to know the exact time Kyron vanished.

Kaine Horman's (Intel)  memo to coworkers:

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  1. I also scored an "INTJ" and cannot mentally grasp that people go along with the masses and refuse to think for themselves, nor do they ask questions....very strange...well, the Oregonian and other media outlets will have to come up with the next part of the Kyron saga in order to make some more money, so I expect something to be coming down the pipe....


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