Monday, May 7, 2012

Going (almost) ad free

I've decided to cut out most of the advertising and only leave a couple ads and go to a user supported format other than the couple of ads.   This will happen in a short time (within the next six weeks  - maybe much sooner)

I was informed there is a delay in the book and it is still in the works.  It seems they believe the popularity of it will be low unless there is something new in the case.

For the person requesting help:  leave your email in the comments and I'll get back to you (won't publish your email address)


  1. Thought you'd abandoned ship.
    I still checked from time to time
    to see if anything new had developed or was worth leaking.
    I am interested to see what comes of the book you propose.
    still waiting for Staton to finish his thoughts too.

  2. no - just nothing about Kyron recently. I'll be writing about other topics and will be removing the ads so i have more freedom on what to write about (some of them have content limitations if you are part of their advertising program)


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