Monday, November 1, 2010

Terri Horman's court filing

Here is a link to the court papers filed today on Terri Horman's behalf jointly by both of her attorneys:

In it they stated what I had said:  Kaine Horman's attorney filed court papers that contained information that was included to defame and gaslight Terri and was inappropriate to include in any court documents as evidence.

Why would an experienced attorney such as Laura Rackner write such a juvenile amateurish document containing information illegal to include in court papers (IE: mentioning the polygraphs, etc.) that she filed on october 25?  One has to wonder if she has fallen under Kaine Horman's narcissistic spell and if she allowed him to write it --- and, if so, whether she is going to be the next wife victim.  Maybe she wants to be a stay at home mommy (which she will be if disbarred)

I've been wondering if Desiree was still married to her previous husband when Kaine started preying on her and if her previous husband got custody of their son because of abuse in Kaine's home.



  1. This is very encouraging! I hadn't known that polygraph evidence is inadmissible to even present in civil or criminal court. The content of the text messages is personal and contains nothing illegal or threat to anybody. Since it refers to her attorney being Houze, they must have been made after June 30 when Terri hired him, so there is no question that these texts were not done anywhere near the time of the sealed RO. We can only hope that Houze will pursue the manner in which these were obtained, and if from LE they've got some serious explaining to do. also even if Kaine does pleads ignorance of the inflammatory effect of these texts, his attorney must have realized. Interesting notion that she might have plenty of free time on her hands to care for Kiara upon being disbarred. I can't imagine what possessed her to file these papers!

  2. I personally think Kaine's house of cards is about to fall. The court document he filed was his last ditch effort to keep Terri Horman on the defensive and prevent her from ever being able to tell her side of the story. I am amazed that his attorney went through with such a motion. I believe we shall soon see the truth come out behind his pack of lies.

  3. This brief by Terri's lawyers is the first coherent thing that has been put out in this case. LE has said nothing, the bio parents offer "facts" that no one can confirm and Kaine's court paper was the weirdest thing I've ever read. There is so much ranting (& repetition) that you would be exhausted to counter it line by line.

  4. That last sentence really gives one pause for thought.


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