Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kaine Horman's Narcissistic Confabulated Life

  ...  the replacement of a gap in a person's memory by a falsification that he or she believes to be true.
The coherence of the narcissist's dysfunctional and precariously-balanced personality depends on the plausibility of his stories and on their acceptance by his Sources of Narcissistic Supply. The narcissist invests an inordinate time in substantiating his tales, collecting "evidence", defending his version of events, and in re-interpreting reality to fit his scenario.
June 25, 2010   (the day before Kaine Horman moved out with no further direct contact with Terri)

Kyron Horman's Parents: Stepmom Wants Him Found

But Kyron's biological parents stand by Terri Horman.

"I believe she's committed, as the rest of our family is, to finding Kyron. And any other information regarding that is -- the investigators are working with her and with us to help find him, so I don't really have any other comment on that," said Kaine. Young shook her head in agreement as he spoke.
[Kaine HORMAN:] And as soon as that started to go south, as soon as she was refusing to cooperate, lots of suspicion arose, and I -- I stood by her as long as I could until I couldn`t stand by her anymore. Then we had to leave for our own safety. And I think that we did everything that we could. I mean we - - there was other people who stood by her as long as they could as well, until we just got to the point where the behaviors didn`t match what we thought was going on.
VELEZ-MITCHELL: I`m a recovering alcoholic myself with 15-and-a-half years of sobriety. I just want to ask you, you`ve said your estranged wife Terri Horman -- soon-to-be ex -- was an alcoholic who passed out.

When you look back on it, is there anything that you wish you had done differently in terms of her alleged alcoholism or drinking problem?

HORMAN: Well, she kept it hidden. That`s the hard part. As I look back and see different things that seemed odd and out of place. I asked questions, I did press. I wish I would have maybe pressed a little bit harder. But in looking at the grander picture, it was all hidden.

And it was a gradual progression. I don`t think it was one week she was normal and then one week she was this raging alcoholic. I think it was a slow build-up over time. And when you -- you see someone, you see your spouse have a drink once a week, you don`t really ask any question. You see them have a drink twice a week, you probably don`t ask any questions.

When you don`t see them drink any more than that, you probably never ask any questions. But what`s happening behind the scenes, at least in this particular case, is we believe that it was just being hidden through various other forms, and because of the way we had our finances set up and some other things set up where we had things managed separately from each other, there was just not a lot of visibility into any information that would raise concern.
Respondent has historical problems with the abuse of alcohol, which have impaired her functioning since Kiara's birth.  Respondent was convicted for driving while under the influence of alcohol and child endangerment in 2005.  Her son James was in the car with her when she was arrested.  This is not an isolated incident of alcohol abuse.  It was common for Respondent to be visibly impaired from alcohol, i.e. slurring speech, staggering gait, etc. several nights a week.  Often, Respondent would pass out on the couch around 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. after drinking heavily and would wake up on and off for the rest of the night.  Sometimes Kiara would be up with Respondent rather than on a schedule.  Respondent spent most nights sleeping on the living room couch with Kiara.  Respondent would typically be passed out from heavily drinking.  Kiara would be up past midnight playing and/or watching tv until I tried to intervene.  Sometimes if I tried to help by putting Kiara to bed, Respondent would become verbally combative and seem offended.  [While she allegedly was passed out drunk???]
 Signed by Kaine Horman and notarized as sworn to be true:



  1. If Terri ever does go to trial, Kaine and Desiree will be her star defense witnesses.

  2. So Kaine is saying that he didn't notice the things he's now describing? They don't sound all that hidden to me. If he said he was in denial about it, that is plausible, but to call her the master manipulator and deceiver seems a bit off. If this went on, the only way he could have missed them was to not be home. Entirely possible! Only then he didn't see them either. Kaine wants to be both ways the victim. Though even this does not provide a convincing description for a master crimester who has either stashed or murdered Kyron without leaving a trace of evidence with which to find him or to make a case to arrest her.

    Maybe we could start making predictions on WHEN Kaine will accept responsibility for SOMETHING in his life!


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