Monday, October 25, 2010

Once again, Kaine defames Terri and gaslights her in today's court papers

Court papers:

Kaine, the malignant narcissist that he is, cannot take a delay in the abatement hearing.  He's ticked off his divorce was abated until january and is now using Terri's daughter Kiara as a pawn against Terri Horman.

Kaine is now claiming Terri is "emotionally disturbed" and "may have a personality disorder (projecting his own onto Terri) and should not have supervised visits with Kiara.

KGW independently obtained a copy of Monday’s court filing. In it, Kaine suggests their daughter may have witnessed “some unimaginable act of horror” on June 4, the day Kyron disappeared from Skyline Elementary. 
 Is this why Kaine bought Terri a Mustang and why he allowed her to take Kyron to school as well as back and forth to Eugene for Desiree's visitation?
Kaine also stated in the filing that it was common for Terri to be visibly impaired from alcohol, including slurred speech and a staggering gait.

"I believe that any contact that Respondent (Terri) has with our daughter will be detrimental and will jeopardize her physical safety and emotional well-being."
 Before the failed murder for hire sting, Kaine and Desiree both said Terri was a good mother.  None of this inflamatory self-serving garbage was ever mentioned until it benefits Kaine.  It is in direct retaliation for the divorce hearing being postponed until january.  Kaine will lie to and manipulate the courts to get his way.  

Why did he not mention the alleged alcohol problem in earlier court papers?

The answer is, he is trying to end run around the judge's ruling on the abatement being postponed and he is demanding the evaluations that the judge previously abated.  He is manipulating the court and the judge just like he did to law enforcement.

Kaine Horman is definitely responsible for whatever happend to Kyron Horman.  His narcissistic rage with the courts is proving that time and time again.    He is the one that needs the mental evaluation.  Kiara should be removed from his care before he harms her.


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